Local Radio Idea (#001)

The whole concept of the internet is that it’s interactive, constantly updating, and free. Blow up the “abandoned storefront” website that you most likely have (you know, the one with the flashing graphics and artist collage). Instead, start a blog and update it every day.

Your listenership is evaporating by the moment and the trick is to bring your content to where the people are going. You’re never going to be able to woo them back to the fortress, so travel outside your gates and find them.

Every local station can fire up these social networking tools for free today: Twitter. Facebook. YouTube. Flickr (forget about low-rent Myspace). If you spend some time, you can link them all together so the feeds feed each other. I’ll show you how to do this for free if you’re interested.

This is obvious stuff but it’s surprising how many stations do not take advantage. Remember, you have to follow your listeners…you can’t expect them to follow you anymore.

Again…you can do all of this right now, for free.


One response to “Local Radio Idea (#001)

  1. Very good points ben. I have been trying to explain this very concept to all these people who think i am wasting my time with things like facebook and twitter (myspace is a different story, that does seem to be a waste of time) My boss at my part time job thinks that way, he doesnt understand the power of these simple networking sites and how they can work for you, its all about who you know in the business world but its also who you know in the internet realm too. I work part time there because he has no concept of computers and websites ect, so we dont have a steady supply of business coming in. I have offered to help but he just doesnt see it. Facebook has given me connections i have never thought possible and allowed me to show people all over the country what i do, and its just starting to get good !

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