Full Disclosure

Whether you’re a blogger, a radio station employee, or even a fast food employee, remember that today’s “customers” can sniff out bullshit a mile away.

When we started the Music Fog Blog a few months ago we had two main goals. The first was to travel to as many Americana music events as possible and focus on getting truly quality performances (not just quantity). The second was full disclosure. We weren’t going to “talk at” people. We decided to “talk to” them with an open voice and a clear point of view. This really wasn’t a choice because in the tight-knit Americana music genera, the artists all know each other and so do the fans. It’s kind of like living in a really small town: everyone is helpful and nice, but your reputation can change forever with one false move.

So what does this mean for your business? Take a cue (at least in theory) from Obama and pledge your utter honesty and transparency to us. If your radio station really isn’t “Rockford’s only place to rock,” or your burger shop doesn’t really serve “The best burger in the Tri-State area,” then don’t bullshit us. It only takes one Google search to call you out.


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