Your Commercials Suck

You know it’s true. You talk over the tail end of a song (that-was, coming-up, read-something-snarky) then fire off a stop set. Then something horrible happens: the under-paid production guy (or sales goon) starts reading a list of goods and services over “Track 35” of the Network Sounds music production CD that’s been sitting in your station’s basement since 1995. At that very moment you can hear every single one of your remaining listeners switching over to “Froggy 104.1,” Joplin’s only other place for “Today’s Best Country.”

Why not make your commercial breaks an oasis? Why not turn them into “mini shows?” It can be done, and here’s how…

Let’s say Bill of “Bill’s Bike Shop” wants to buy a few ads because the economy stinks and his business is in the shit. I’m sure Bill has a bunch of knowledge about how to get your bike ready for the upcoming spring riding season. Why not have Bill stop by the studio and record a “mini show” on how to “Springerize” your bike. A full 30-seconds of him simply conveying advice and knowledge on his expertise with a quick tag at the end. I’ll bet people would like to hear that, rather than some creep barking hype over a 15-year-old production track. I’ll bet that if every single one of your commercials sounded like this people would start to look forward to them because they might get something out of them.

Then–at the end of your break–you can jingle into your “Power Current” knowing that you have a few listeners left…


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