Connect Everything: A Seven-Part Series

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to begin a seven-part series called “Connect Everything.” The name stinks, I get that. But the concept is solid…

Over the next seven days, I’m going to illustrate–in tedious detail–what we did at the Music Fog blog to connect our fans to every scrap of content that we provide…across multiple platforms. Then, I’ll try to show you how to adapt the same concept to your local radio station. Why? Because I really, really, really want you to survive.

In one week’s time you’ll be able to do the same thing (one day at a time) with your content. I did not invent any of the concepts or theories that I’m about to relay, but they’re tested, and they work.

So tell all your friends, coworkers, and bosses. In one-week’s time you will have a digital pyramid scheme…like me! (Please, nobody take me seriously on that last comment and blog it out-of-context to make me look like a creep…please…)

Here’s a preview, broken down day-by-day:

Day 1: Blog

Day 2: Flickr

Day 3: YouTube

Day 4: Twitter

Day 5: Facebook “Pages”

Day 6: FeedBlitz

Day 7: Connect Everything

These are not listed in order of importance. It will become clear in the end why I’m suggesting this order of completion though, trust me on this.

Attention campers: “Arts and Crafts” begins tomorrow morning!


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