Connect Everything: Part 2 “Flickr”

Good job on setting up the shell of your blog. Now, lets try to beef it up a bit by adding pics. There are many free online picture sharing sites but the one most bloggers seem to gravitate to is Flickr. So go ahead and log on to the Flickr site, open up an account and start uploading pics from your station’s gallery. If you don’t have access to the main hard drive of pics, you can simply steal the existing ones off your old/main station site. Right click, download, done. Take everything you have.

The reason I’m suggesting Flickr is that it makes it much easier for your fans to share and comment on your photos. You can also track how often the pics are being viewed. Using Flickr also allows you to create a “Widget” that you can place up on your blog, showcasing a photostream of your most recent event pics. Head on over to Widget Box and search for “Flickr”…the possibilities are endless. Don’t focus so much on linking Flickr to your blog yet, that will come later. For now, just have fun uploading pics and adding descriptions.

That’s it. Play around with your Flickr account and get ready to dive into tomorrow’s topic: YouTube.


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