Connect Everything: Part 5 “Facebook Pages”

As of today, Facebook has roughly 175,000,000 (yes, that’s MILLION) registered users. And they’re smart too. Way smart…

If you tumble into the world of Facebook with an over-the-top “fan page” reeking of constant updates and “radio hype,” you are going to get slammed. Either that, or nobody will choose to follow you. Instead, tip-toe into the kiddie pool, set up a profile, and observe. Cool off on the “99.5 KRQL PLAYS THE BEST HITS” hype and just watch how the game is played.

We created a “fan page” for Music Fog about three months ago. You can check it out here. We uploaded a profile pic, set it up so our blog posts feed directly to it, then spent the next two months observing and watching it grow. We’re all long-time Facebook users, but the fan page is a different beast and it takes time to learn.

Your first step should be to create your “fan page,” upload a profile image, and start befriending the artists that you play on your station. If you’re a News/Talk, then befriend politicians and news makers. Just about every human being on earth has a Facebook page by now, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find who you are looking for. Here’s the catch…you have to start posting interesting and compelling content, because people are going to be choosing to be your fan. It’s a tough road at the beginning. Just be patient, as these pages grow slowly: one…fan…at…a…time…

To recap, Facebook is filled with smart people. They don’t respond too well to empty hype about “Best Hits” or “Continuous Country Favorites!” Be honest and engage them as a friend who has something meaningful to say. Again, I’m not trying to pass myself off as an complete expert on this topic, so take what you read in this series with a grain of salt. Ask around.

Good luck with your fan page. Tomorrow we’ll have a little chat about FeedBlitz. Cool stuff.


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