Smash The Wall

It finally happened. My trusty Mac finally died yesterday. It was the equilevant of a massive heart attack.

So here I sit in the middle of the night, attempting to hack out a legible post on my iPhone. This massive computer failure could not have happened at a more inconvient time, as I’m flying to Austin in 5 hours for the music side of SXSW. It’s a big deal for my new company; sort of our coming out party. We’re already starting to generate a small amount of buzz and press (scored a blurb in the Wired Magazine blog today!). Anyway, please bear with me this week as I attempt to blog from my phone and various hijacked computers. I do not plan on abandoning this little online crusade of mine because of a little technical difficulty.

Which brings me to my point: when someone throws up a wall in front of you, smash it. Smash it good. If you’re in local radio you’ve never seen more walls than right now. They come in many forms, from limited staffing, to out-of-touch owners and industry leaders (they’re not all bad, but many are).

If you remember from the video I posted here on Sunday, Edison failed with the light bulb 10,000 times before he got it to work. It took time, but he eventually got around the wall. If he had quit after 9,999 times the world would be a very dark place.

Another analogy: Professor Randy Pausch always believed that the “locked door” wasn’t there to keep him out, but rather to keep out the “other” guy who wasn’t daring enough to smash it down.

Identify what’s holding you or your station back, then eliminate it. This may sound overly-simple, but it’s surprising how many organizations can actually do it. Why? Because you have to cut the crap and be honest with yourself about what you have been doing all along. It’s always funny how often a problem can be solved with a little drive and a lot of honesty…

Smash the wall.


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