Ghost Stories

This “Ghost Stories” idea is in the same spirit of the “Pinewood Derby” post a few weeks back. The idea is this: to create a compelling piece of local radio content–on the cheap–that engages not only the parents of your community, but the kids as well. The theory is that if you can give kids a positive and nostalgic memory of your radio station at an early age that will follow them into adulthood. That, and it’s a very unique piece of content that any local business would love to sponsor. This program would be mostly suited for a local AM talker is a small town.

Here’s how easy it would be to do this…

1. Call To Action. Run a 30-second promo inviting members of your community to stop by your radio station to record a ghost story that they remember hearing as a kid. Something from camp, Boy/Girl Scouts, you get the idea. If nobody responds to the promo, then I would recommend taking a portable recorder down to the Old Folk’s Home and getting some of the geezers to tell you stories there. They would absolutely love it. Old people love to scare kids…

2. Production. Record each 5 or 10 minute “Ghost Story” in the prod room of your radio station. Produce it up with cool sound effects, or something as simple as a spooky music bed. Knock out an hours worth of these.

3. Execution. Promote the thing as a Friday or Saturday night special program that runs during the summer months. Make a big deal out of it by encouraging kids to camp out in their back yards with one of their dad’s old transistor radios. You know…after reading that last sentence, that may not be such a good idea! Just promote it as a show that kids should listen to with their parents.

This is a quick and easy program to slap together. It will be almost as easy to sell. Also, doesn’t this just sound like fun?


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