Who Am I?

My name is Ben Krech, and I live in Washington, DC.

I’m a former Satellite Radio guy who’s attempting to reinvent myself, my career, and my industry at large. I have a few ideas and this blog is where they live.

My contact info:

Email: benkrech@gmail.com

Twitter: @BenKrech

My Bio:

Ben Krech is a partner at Music Fog.

Krech helped launch Music Fog after 8 years of service at XM Satellite Radio in Washington, DC. As a Production Director and Producer he oversaw live event broadcasts around the country and the globe, including Live 8 in London, The Grammy Awards in LA, SXSW in Austin, and the Mozart 250 in Austria. As well as producing channel elements across the XM dial, Krech wrote and produced commercials for major advertising clients including RSM McGladrey.

Before making the leap to XM, Krech served as Production Coordinator and Affiliate Rep for Learfield Communications in Jefferson City Missouri. He was responsible for all production across 14 college sports networks, including the NC Tar Heels, Purdue, and the Maryland Terrapins. He also led affiliate sales and marketing efforts for Indiana, Purdue, and Syracuse.

Krech has worked in the video game industry for over 6 years, having voiced several pieces in “Grand Theft Auto” titles, including GTA San Andreas, Vice City, and IV.

He began his career in high school, working alongside his father at KWOS in Jefferson City, MO.


One response to “Who Am I?

  1. I am very happy and excited to have a small part in this musicfog venture of yours. Its a great concept with no boundries and to have the talent of Jessie Scott is amazing. I hope someday i can meet you all, and i hope i can get my business going so i can afford to, like Billy Joe Shaver said (and this is my theme song for my own business especially when i get discouraged) “If at first you dont succeed, try try again” thats song is amazing especially given the personal set backs he has endured !

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