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The Worst Job In America?

kjonesI’m sure Mike Rowe would disagree with me on this, but Kris Jones must have the wort job in the country. I don’t know this guy personally, but his job title says it all: he’s the Director of Media Relations for the NAB.

Working for a horribly antiquated and obtuse organization, Kris seems to be charged with spinning an endless stream of negative press. It’s a terribly difficult job and Kris seems to be plugging away at it just fine. Check out his Twitter profile to get a sense of what he’s dealing with. Among other things, he seems to be trying to spin the tale that poor local radio stations should not have to pay royalties for whatever reason. Good luck with that.

My personal message to Kris: “Listen bro…I live just down the street from the NAB headquarters in DC. If you wanna grab a beer and chat, I’d love to help you update your resume and find a proper job.

I wonder if Kris ever had the chance to learn from the mistakes of Eddie Fritz…


The Birth Of A Career?

(This post is a collaboration between myself, Jim McBean, Michael Crider, Aaron Lee, and “The Don” Jessie Scott.)

What would you pay to have this moment of your career caught on tape?

This is about Sheila, who met us through a reckless Twitter contest that neither she or her friends believed was real. Three months later –at her own expense– she asked to intern at Music Fog, hoping to change her career plans forever.

It would be in all of our best interests to make sure that she succeeds.

The bravery and fortitude that she’s shown should be carried through the rest of your career. If you’re still this willing to take risks like this ,then you will continue to succeed. This is the birth of a career.

Follow Sheila: @shefran